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📍 Москва
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Размещено 04.05.2022

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Должность: AWS Cloud Engineer

Локация: Москва

Формат работы: удаленно / гибрид / офис. Занятость: полная (10-19, пн - пт)

Фиксированный оклад: от 220000 - 320000 руб (на руки) + премии два раза в год, ДМС, питание

Компания: КА “HPI Management Search”

📌We are looking for a candidate for our client – Russian branch of the International company which is one of the leaders in the digital marketing industry and in Semantic Web in Europe. Active in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia and the USA, the company manages for its customers, through its different platforms, more than 5 million domain names, 2 billions web pages, 21 terabytes of data, 8 crawled and supported languages.

The company has developed the biggest proprietary behavioral data set after Facebook and Google with over a billion qualified unique profiles, 220 criteria & 20 intensity scores based on affinities and applied in real time to each profile. This technology is based on automatic natural language processing (NLP) to determine the lexical field of a web-page and deduce centers of interests of a web user.

The platform is entirely located in the cloud (AWS) and can be deployed for a client in a few hours or for a dedicated location (USA/Europe/Asia…)

🔎The Mission

Inside the SRE team (composed of systems engineers) you will:

● Improve the scalability of the platform

● Develop the monitoring

● Optimize latency for our public frontends

● Help developers with a dedicated CI/CD

● Automate, automate and automate again

📍The Tech Stack

The platform has the following technologies

● Kubernetes● Hadoop● Couchbase● Terraform● SaltStack● RabbitMQ ● Prometheus

The company’s platform needs to handle a high level of requests (thousands per seconds) which will be collected, filtered, aggregated and stored inside the company’s databases (Hadoop)

Various projects you could work on:

- Improving the company’s Prometheus/Thanos monitoring stack

- Expanding the high availability and security of the company’s Kubernetes cluster (chaos-monkey)

- Introduce Kafka inside the company’s stack to replace RabbitMQ.

🔎Required skills

This job is open to people with solid background in GNU/Linux with a Kubernetes experience and knowledge of AWS (1 year at least)

Technical skills are not everything. We're looking for qualities like implication, pragmatism, will, rigor and most importantly to be eager to learn new things. As we have international team, you should be able to write and speak English very good.

Компания HPI Management Search

Поиск специализированных кадров для зарубежных компаний в России

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