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We are looking for a Customer Success Manager with Affiliate background who can provide ongoingsupport to our key customers, build strong relationships, convert user insights into features and tools that will increase business potential and minimise churn rate.

A Customer Success Manager's responsibilities include supporting existing key customers and onboarding new users by going above and beyond.Ultimately, you will work directly with clients to help solve their problems and ensure their satisfaction while they have an active account with us. You will also work closely with other employees to ensurecustomer questions and concerns are addressed in a timely manner.


  • Achieving customer retention goals
  • Meet with customers and visit different conferences related to the Affiliate field
  • Travel and meet with Affiliate communities (hubs)
  • Process milestones for the clients
  • Establish and maintain strong relationships with key customers
  • Understand and report customer needs and patterns for and from Multilogin
  • Participate in external and internal customer supporting activities to improve their knowledge of product and users
  • Gather and analyse user insights
  • Promote the value of the product
  • Upsell features and products
  • Promote value through customer experience
  • Participate in creation of training courses and educational materials
  • Review customer complaints and concerns and seek to improve the customer experience
  • Sustaining business growth and profitability by maximising value
  • Analysing customer data to improve customer experience
  • Hosting product demonstrations for customers
  • Create and keep records in internal software tools (Email, Confluence, CRM and other)
  • Find where we can upsell new features to new customers


  • Proven experience in roles suchasCustomer Success Manager or Affiliate marketing
  • StrongEnglish communication both verbally and writing.Russian language exp is highly recommended
  • Ability to succeed in a competitive, high performance work environment
  • Self-starter, able to both independently and collaboratively
  • Proven experience in Affiliate field/segment
  • Ability inpromoting value through customer experience
  • Exceptional ability to communicate and build strong trustful relationships
  • Technical skills required, as they relate to the use of the product or service
  • Accountability and personal organisation are essential
  • Experience in managing a diverse group and training them according to company standards
  • Excellent attention to detail and being results-oriented.
  • Business-minded and market-savvy.
  • You are a visionary; someone who can align with big goals.
  • Strong time management and organisation skills.
  • Master experimenter who can generate and adapt to new ideas

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