QA Engineer ручное тестирование

Зарплата от $2,000 до $3,000

Требуемые навыки
Местоположение и тип занятости
📍 Middle Bass
📍 Zwaartkop Native Location
📍 Georgia
📍 Nueva Armenia
📍 Remote
📍 Moldova
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Размещено 25.01.2023

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сompany: profua

$ 2000-3000

english – b1+!

location - europe, georgia, armenia, azeibardjan, kazakhstan, moldova

project: mobile app for video conferencing.


3 years experience in software testing;

experience of writing tests in kotlin+swift or java;

experience in writing automated ui tests using one of the frameworks (selenium/appium/xcuitest/espresso);

experience of testing ios and android real-time mobile applications (games, stock exchange, etc.) using real devices and emulators from 2 years;

experience of working with xcode, android studio, adb, postman and charles or their equivalents;

experience in testing client-server applications and understanding of http/https, websocket;

understanding of tcp/ip, ability to analyze problems at network level, confident usage of traffic analysis and control tools (wireshark, clumsy);

an ability to communicate clearly and understandably in english (documentation, correspondence).

details at dm.

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