Senior Kotlin Android Developer - AI Dating Startup

Зарплата до $7,000

Требуемые навыки

Местоположение и тип занятости

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💥 Senior Kotlin Developer

Мы ищем опытного разработчика Kotlin для работы в компании Kesmaty на полную ставку в формате удаленной работы. Зарплата до $7000. Локация - любая, за исключением РФ и РБ.

🔥🔥🔥 Начинающий стартап в области искусственного интеллекта для знакомств.

Мы разрабатываем чат для общения между человеком и искусственным интеллектом. Мы генерируем фотографии, текст, видео и многое другое. Мы приглашаем вас стать частью нашей команды искусственного интеллекта!


- Опыт разработки под Android более 5 лет;

- Глубокие знания Kotlin;

компания: kesmaty

Размещено 11.09.2023

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💥 senior kotlin developer

компания: kesmaty

занятость: full-time

формат работы: удаленно

зп до 7000$

локация: любая (кроме рф и рб)

🔥🔥🔥 ai dating startup

hello! we are looking for a tech lead android developer for a startup. what is the main idea? we are developing a chat for communication between a human and ai human. we will generate pictures, text, video, etc. we invite you to become a part of our ai team!


- 5+ years of android development experience;

profound knowledge of kotlin;

- experience with architectural patterns (mvp, mvvm, clean architecture);

- experience working with restful apis and data processing;

- team leadership experience;

- effective communication and problem-solving skills.

- knowledge and understanding of ci/cd principles;

- experience working with firebase, graphql;

- experience in product analytics, building funnels, and identifying bottlenecks;

- experience with monetization: advertising, in-app purchases, and subscriptions.


- take charge of the android direction of projects, providing guidance, leadership, and technical expertise to ensure project success;

- deliver new features, including excited ui built with compose;

- developing apps using the latest technology. striving to reach the highest possible level of the product;

- write clean, testable, maintainable code, and continue to grow your development skills;

- active participation in product creation: suggesting new features/improvements;

- сollaborate closely with cross-functional teams, including product managers, designers, qa engineers, and other stakeholders, to drive project success;

- experience in developing applications with 1 million users would be a significant advantage.

candidate journey

interview with a recruiter - tech interview with a hiring manager - reference check

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