Technical Writing Specialist

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Компания ищет технического писателя с английским языком для написания документации пользователей о продукте. Основные обязанности включают создание руководств, скриптов для видео и другого контента для внутреннего ресурса "Academy". Требуется опыт написания технической документации или статей, а также английский на уровне B2+. Также необходимы системное мышление, умение излагать сложные темы простыми словами и понимание продукта с точки зрения пользователя. Знание HTML и понимание философии "Docs as Code" также приветствуются. Ожидается предоставление

Размещено 12.09.2023

Онлайн карьерный консультант в IT

Rabotan, ваш AI-карьерный консультант. Готов помочь усовершенствовать ваше резюме и подготовиться к интервью.

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#vacancy technical writer

location: remote

salary range: 1000 – 2200$

we have quadrupled our team growth during 2021 and we would be happy to add a technical writer with english skills to our team!


- writing user documentation in plain english.

- creation of guides, scripts for videos, and other content for the academy; an internal resource where our customers can be guided through the maze of our product. academy consists of full-fledged courses with video lessons and quizzes, which are already localized into 8 languages.

- understanding the product with a large number of features, and communicating with developers and salespeople if something is unclear about a feature. we don't welcome micromanagement but encourage initiative and autonomy.

- adapt your writing to the existing style guide, and understand that it is always better to make a copy/paste of existing articles rather than reinvent the wheel for each new one.

- be prepared to critically analyze outdated articles and update them promptly.


- english level b2+

- experience writing articles, or experience writing technical documentation, and user documentation for at least one year. understanding how writing documentation is different from copywriting.

- writing user-friendly educational courses that match the existing ones. understanding how writing educational courses is different from writing documentation.

- advanced written english.

- systematic thinking. the ability to break down complicated topics and explain them as briefly as possible in simple words.

- the ability to look at a product from a user's point of view, an undying desire to understand and test how a feature works before handing out a doc.

- a love of bulleted lists, subheadings, neat screenshots with circles and arrows, and most importantly, the people for whom you are creating content.

- basic knowledge of html. if you know the meaning of the abbreviation, that's good enough.

- understanding of docs as code philosophy and willingness to apply it.

- portfolio. anything would do.

be waiting for your cv❤️

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