NodeJS разработчик

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от $5,000 до $6,000

Описание вакансии

#вакансия #middle #senior #blockchain #js #fullstack #удаленно #remote

Позиция: Fullstack JS / Blockchain Developer

Компания: Enigma

Формат работы: удаленно

Вилка: $5000-$6000

Enigma is a Blockchain company, building and developing Secret Network - the first blockchain with privacy. We're based in Tel Aviv, Israel but work with partners all across the world.

We're looking for a blockchain developer with 1 year of experience with various blockchain technologies, and a total of 3 years in software development across both front and backend software stacks.

Our goal is to expand our team to be able to develop more applications for Secret Network, improve our current applications, as well as develop new features and capabilities for developers that use Secret Network in order to drive adoption, and expand our ecosystem.

On the tech side our apps are written in JS/TS (client/server side), and some Rust if Smart Contracts are needed (no Rust experience required).

Размещено 08/10/2021

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