Python Developer (Linux)

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Описание вакансии

Уважаемые соискатели, у нашего клиента, зарубежной компании, открыта вакансия Python Developer (Linux)

Мы ищем опытного разработчика бэкэнда (скрипта) python для разработки интерфейса командной строки и API, взаимодействующего с распределенным хранилищем значений ключей и проприетарным сервером JSON RPC. В API реализован ряд команд управления хранилищем. Безопасность транзакций требуется в распределенной многоузловой среде.

The python developer will continue to develop a set of libraries and a command line interface on Linux (something exists already). This component uses a proprietary, distributed key-value store and interacts with the core of the product via JSON RPC to manage the software-defined storage cluster so this needs to be understood.

We use python 2 with basic, standard libraries and tools (python interpreter) in a Linux environment. What we DO NOT NEED: Python web development skills (django, javascript, ...), python data science related skills / data libraries knowledge.

This can be someone, with a system administration background, who developed strong scripting skills with python (maybe also is switching from other scripting such as bash ). Someone with solid development skills in another language, who switched (recently) to python, is a possible candidate too.

Then is already some code (more in the form of a prototype), which needs to extended, enhanced, partly rewritten. The person needs to get familiar with the existing code first (it is not huge) and then with the detailed technical specifications (currently in progress).
Specifications may need clarifications and refinment before coding starts.

New code needs to be added then and existing code enhanced. The role includes also systematic unit testing of the own code and participation in end-to-end tests in the team. Interaction is with me and the few other developers.


We want rather "quick-starters", who can accomodate themselves quickly in a new environment and project. We have weeks for that, not months.

Work in a small team
Work is preferably full time, from home
Developers can work at any hours they prefer

Размещено 14/10/2021

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