NodeJS разработчик

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Зарплата от $5,500 до $6,500

Размещено 10/01/2022

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Компания: Sheesha Finance,

Формат работы: #удаленка

Зарплатная вилка: 5500 usd - 6500 usd

Занятость: полная

We are looking for Senior fullstack Developer with 3+ years of fullstack dev experience.

Our stack: RESTful, JSON, Postgres db, MongoDb, AngularJS, Websockets

You will be writing backend for our dApps using web3 / ethers library and interacting with smart contracts deployed on different networks (EVM compatible). As a database we are using Postgres and TimescaleDB.

* Advance knowledge of Javascript (ES6), Typescript.

* Experience with git, npm, webpack;

* Experience with NodeJs (KoaJs / NestJs / ExpressJs)

* Experience with web3js, ethers.js, metamask sdk, walletConnect sdk;

* Architecture thinking. you understand how to build scalable and flexible microservices, which will be supported in future

* You understand how all parts of web application works - frontend, backend

* Experience working EVM based blockchains

A plus is:

* Good knowledge of CSS

We will be offering:

* Development of interesting and modern stack application

* Integration with blockchain

* microservices development, potentially serverless

* server side applications on NodeJs (streams, websocket, async develeopment)

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