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Размещено 10/01/2022

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About project
Development in launched

Marketplace for the fashion industry. The project looks like an Instagram hybrid with a focus on ecommecre. example project on the Dipop market. There is a server and client side. at the moment, the release of the application in React Native. Multi-account allows you to create posts and add products. The following users are created similar to Instagram. Planned for the future to add fintech functionality

Spoken language:
good spoken Russian + English: intermediate

What you have to deal with

  • Backlog functionality development;
  • Code refactoring;
  • Publishing the application in the markets;
  • Building architecture and bug fixes.

          What we expect from you

          • Confident level of development on React for at least 3 years;
          • Confident level of development on React for at least 3 years;
          • Ability to work with template engines (for example pug);
          • Good level of work with a database of the sql family (preferably MangoSQL);
          • Good knowledge of React / MobX;

          What we offer

          • Full-time and Remote work;
          • We send payment every 2 weeks;
          • Flexible working schedule;
          • Direct communication with customers;
          • Working in a professional team (all teammates of the Mid + level);
          • Ability to influence product and company development;
          • FREEDOM


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            Компания ROCKETECH


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