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Размещено 12/01/2022

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Every day, we help hundreds of companies around the globe build and grow their mobile apps. Apphud is a comprehensive in-app purchase infrastructure for iOS and Android apps. We help leading mobile developers, marketers, and product managers quickly integrate in-app purchases, provide them with precise real-time analytical data and give a powerful pricing A/B testing platform. We have a fully remote team with no office, a tight schedule, and no bureaucracy. If you are not afraid of difficulties, want to make a cool product in a cool team — join us!

We are looking for a great ClickHouse Engineer / Database Administrator, database geek who will be part of a global SaaS product that provides a smarter way to build and grow mobile apps with in-app subscriptions.

We expect you to do the following:

  • design schemas
  • plan clusters
  • write large and well-optimized queries
  • maintain and optimize existing queries
  • work with big data
  • form a data storage structure

Candidates need to meet the following qualifications:

  • Expert SQL knowledge for ClickHouse as well as PostgreSQL
  • Experience with running production systems
  • Version control using git

The following additional qualifications are a significant benefit:

  • Kubernetes knowledge and operating experience
  • Knowledge of Go
  • Experience with big data stack component (Kafka)
  • Experience with data science/data analysis
  • Knowledge of SRE / DevOP stacks — monitoring/system management tool (Prometheus)

Our Benefits:

  • Work from anywhere, we are 100% remote
  • Recharge your batteries with our open vacation policies
  • This is a full-time position

Компания Apphud

Integrate, analyze and improve auto-renewable subscriptions in your iOS app

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