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About Coins

Coins.ph is one of the first blockchain backed platforms serving over 10 million customers. Founded in 2014 in the Philippines, Coins intended to improve accessibility of financial services in the country. The company’s mobile app now provides consumers with direct access to banking and digital payment services, including local and international remittances, mobile air-time, bill payments, game credits, and online shopping. You will be a part of our geographically spread remote international team of highly skilled professionals.

Technologies We Use

  • Go (domain-driven design based on Go-Kit);
  • Terraform to manage AWS and treat Infrastructure as Code;
  • Helm as Package Manager for Kubernetes allows us to have a decent contract between Product Engineering and Site Reliability Engineer team;
  • Kubernetes with enhanced monitoring (Prometheus), vertical and horizontal pod auto-scaler, and network security policies;
  • Postgres, Kafka, Redis;
  • Jaeger, Prometheus, VictoriaMetrics, Grafana.

What We Offer

  • Work in a remote friendly environment with flexible schedule, paid vacation and sick leaves;
  • Friendly geo-distributed team of experienced professionals, who have happily joined our team after working in well-known IT/product companies and startups;
  • Work and collaborate effectively with cross-functional compact teams which are constantly improving their tools, pipelines and working environment;
  • Customer-driven development: we don't develop features without listening to our customers, each step makes the product more convenient, useful, secure and reliable for our users;
  • Paid medical insurance including two family members, coworking rental, technical equipment, and business trips to our Manila HQ.

Required Skills

  • Strong knowledge Go, noSQL and relational databases;
  • Commercial experience in designing, developing, testing, deploying and maintaining large scale applications in any language or stack (at least 2 years experience for Middle Engineers and 5 years experience for Senior Engineers);
  • Familiarity with helm, terraform, kubernetes;
  • Readiness to communicate independently with various stakeholders;
  • Fluent english.

Good to Have

  • Experience as a team lead or project manager is a plus;
  • Experience working remotely;
  • Well-maintained GitHub profile with samples of your prior work, relevant open-source commits or other public work vetted by developers online is a big plus.

Компания Coins.ph


Coins.ph is the most convenient mobile wallet for Filipinos to buy load, make online payments, and trade digital currencies. Approved and regulated by the BSP.

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