Python Developer (Программист Python)

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Размещено 11/01/2022

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🔥🔥🔥 *instinctools - Global management consulting firm that advises the world’s leading businesses, governments and institutions. With more than 95 offices in over 50 countries.

🌏 Location: Belarus, Russia, EU (Pl) (office/ remote)

🙈Full : busy

💵 3000$ - 5000$ 💵

The work will focus on building scalable visualisation tools, primarily in open source Python frameworks (in this case primarily the Plotly and Dash Python libraries), in order to enable python based practitioners to create and share visualisations and dashboards more quickly and easily.

So this will involve developing visualisation and dashboard related functionality in general, but will largely revolve around productionising and automating testing for existing functionality.

🎓Technology stack:

📌Python, Git, CICD (ideally CircleCI), Plotly, Dash, CSS/HTML

📌Bonus (though not required): JavaScript, React, Docker

📌For an Automation QA it would also include testing tools compatible with Dash apps


- Dash functionality: persistence, I/O operations, HTML/CSS, web app best practices

- Productionizing: refactoring, error handling, applying best practices - mainly dashboard code, but also some chart code

- Testing: unit / integration / end-to-end testing (including dashboards) / CICD

🛡 Our expectations:

📍Experience writing well-designed, high quality production code

📍Strong python engineering (including functools, introspection, dataclasses, enums, annotations, packaging, etc.)

📍Strong knowledge of software implementation best practices, including extensive refactoring experience

📍Strong knowledge of testing best practices (unit testing, e2e testing, using mocks and fixtures) e.g. unit test

📍CI/CD experience (preferably circles)

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